AF488 Anti-Human CD235 Antibody

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Product NameAF488 Anti-Human CD235 Antibody
Catalog NumberRD20931F
IsotypeMouse IgG2b, κ
Clone NumberHIR2

The HIR2 antibody reacts with a common epitope of glycophorin A (CD235a) and glycophorin B (CD235b). Glycophorin A is the major sialoglycoprotein expressed on red blood cell membrane, and erythroid precursors. Glycophorin A shares strong homology with glycophorin B. The HIR2 antibody recognizes human RBCs and erythroid precursors and is useful in erythroid cell development studies. Mature, non-nucleated red blood cells are characteristically glycophorin A positive, but CD45 and CD71 negative.

Immunogen Information
Gene ID2993
SynonymsGlycophorin-A/BGYPA/BMN sialoglycoproteinSS-active sialoglycoproteinPAS-2/3Sialoglycoprotein alpha/deltaCD235a/b
Tested applicationsFCM
Storage BufferPBS with 0.05% Proclin300, 1% BSA
Storage InstructionsStore at 2~8°C and protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.

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