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DNA and RNA Isolation Kits

We carry isolation kits for a variety of different sample types using 3 different types of technology. Optimize your experiment around time and simplicity or higher purification, depending on your needs. We also offer kits for plasmid prep in three sizes. 

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Isolation Kits

Column Based

  • Uses silica gel membrane to extract DNA or RNA
  • Column or Dual Reagent+Column methods available
  • For use with PCR, Gene cloning, cDNA synthesis, and much more

Magnetic Bead Based

  • Uses magnetic bead technology to extract DNA or RNA
  • Available for DNA or viral nucleic acid isolation
  • For use with Restriction Enzyme Digestion, Southern Blotting, PCR, qPCR

Reagent Based

  • Uses chemical precipitation to extract DNA or RNA
  • Available for DNA or RNA isolation
  • For use with PCR, Southern Blotting, Northern Blotting, and more

Plasmid Prep

  • Uses silica gel membrane to extract plasmid DNA
  • 3 sizes for different sample amounts available
  • For use with Transfection, Sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion and more

Isolation Kit Comparison

  Column Kits Magnetic Bead Kits Reagent Kits Plasmid Prep Kits
DNA Isolation Sample types
Blood, Cultured cells, tissue, virus plant, fungus,
paraffin-embedded tissue
Buffy coat, tissue, bacteria, virus, plant, blood, cells Blood, Cultured cells, tissue, plant, fungus Plasmid
RNA Isolation Sample types Virus, blood, cultured cells, fungus, plant, tissue Virus Blood, Cultured cells, Tissue, Plant N/A
Storage Room temperature Room temperature Room temperature Room temperature
Isolation Technology Silica gel membrane Magnetic beads DNA precipitation Silica gel membrane
Target Catalogue 12 6 5 3
Shelf Life 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months

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